Until June 2018 we issued a newsletter each month from September through May. A few newsletters were issued after that if there was specific information to report.

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Newsletters for several years before September 2016 are online at our old website. Go to

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March 2019  AAUW-2019-03

December 2018  AAUW-2018-12

June 2018  AAUW-2018-06

May 2018  AAUW-2018-05

April 2018  AAUW-2018-04

March 2018  AAUW-2018-03

Jan. / Feb. 2018  AAUW-2018-01,2

Nov. / Dec. 2017  AAUW-2017-11,12

Oct. 2017  AAUW-2017-10

Sept. 2017  AAUW-2017-09

June 2017   AAUW-2017-06

May 2017   AAUW-2017-05

April 2017   AAUW-2017-04

March 2017   AAUW-2017-03

February 2017   AAUW-2017-02

January 2017  aauw-2017-01

December 2016  aauw-2016-12

November 2016  aauw-2016-11

October 2016  aauw-2016-10

September 2016  aauw-2016-09