You can use the pull-down sub-menu under Activities to access these sub-topics, or click on the highlighted links on this page.

CEF Workshop: Details about the January 20, 2018 free workshop for science educators.

Meetings: Topics of our monthly meetings will be recorded on the sub-page and highlights will be reported in the monthly newsletters.

STEM projects: We held our first program of STEM Adventures on October 15, 2016. We will schedule future programs at request of interested groups. See the STEM Adventures sub-page for photos and information about the workshop topics. The STEM Resources  sub-page will have information such as pdf files or  links to websites.

Local events: The  Museum of International Cultures hosts many interesting events, including a 4th Saturday series of international theme movies or pot-luck dinners. See the sub-page for information about 2018 events.

Interest Groups: At present we do not have any special groups. Past groups included bridge, gourmet, and Spanish language.